Gan Yavne


Our staff:
The Garin OMETZ staff in Gan Yavne is made up of National Service volunteers, some of whom are also instructors at the OMETZ Center for Strengthening Jewish Identity, the coordinator, Garin National Service Coordinator, facilitator and coordinator-instructor at the Center for Strengthening Jewish Identity.

  • Michal Kablan, Garin National Service Coordinator
  • Eilat Sarim, Facilitator and Training Coordinator at the Center for Strengthening Jewish Identity
  • Shira Kamin (054-7822186 to schedule activities)

Our activities in Gan Yavne:
Gan Yavne is a local council located between the cities of Ashdod and Yavne. This is a moshav that grew and developed and in recent years, its population has enjoyed a significant surge (approximately 25,000 residents, 10,000 of whom are children and adolescents). This has added interest and diversity to the town. The Gan Yavne population is made up of secular and religious communities, veteran and new citizens, new immigrants and Israelis. The town is home to a large community of Jews of Ethiopian descent.

The friendly Gan Yavne community is interested in the youthful spirit of the National Service volunteers and in their vigorous work for everyone. The OMETZ branch in Gan Yavne is active in elementary schools, preschools, community center, social services clubs, etc. The branch maintains regular and close contact with the Jewish Culture Department. The center in Gan Yavne is also working to promote the disadvantaged populations in town while encouraging involvement and volunteering in the community, and launched new educational initiatives spearheaded by National Service volunteers, etc.
Garin OMETZ – 2014 saw the establishment of Garin National Service volunteers in Gan Yavne by the Aminadav organization and OMETZ. The Garin’s role is to work for all Gan Yavne residents, to promote educational and ideological projects among children and adolescents in the town (in educational areas as well as in social and education areas) and to create alternative focal points of activity for young people outside of the educational institutions (afternoon, evening, vacations, etc.).

Our vision:

The OMETZ Gan Yavne branch has set a goal to forge a connection between all populations in Gan Yavne by way of creating encounters throughout the year via special and one-time projects as well as regular year round activity. National Service volunteers and the volunteers of the branch work together with the local authority, which provides tremendous assistance. Every National Service volunteer is assigned an adoptive family from the town and Gan Yavne community that is more than happy to host the girls and provide a lending hand.

Address: Sinai Street Gan Yavne (in Sinai Elementary School)
Name: OMETZ Gan Yavne
Phone: 073-3948540
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