Our staff:

The OMETZ Ariel branch employs a unified, quality staff made up of National Service volunteers, the training coordinator, paid instructors, volunteers from the local community and the director.

  • Branch director – Rabbi Shmuel Teller 052-6070170
  • Training coordinator – Avital Yafin 052-4733770
  • Facilitator – Renana Fayil 054-5342413

Our activities:
Ariel, capital of Samaria, is a fascinating, warm city with a heterogeneous population. The city’s population of 20,000, including 7000 children and adolescents, contains secular, religions Orthodox Jewish populations as well as new immigrants, native Israelis, young and old families, etc.
The OMETZ Ariel branch is extremely active in the local community. National Service volunteers are found in elementary schools, junior high schools and preschools. At the same time, the National Service girls are involved in many activities in informal frameworks as well, such as community centers, community events, social services clubs, etc.
The OMETZ Ariel branch is proud of the warm family atmosphere that balances professional support with personal attention. In professional terms, the branch spearheads intensive and challenging work. The National Service in the OMETZ Ariel branch has proven to be fulfilling, satisfactory and highly valuable. Our motto is “Whoever is looking for quality National Service – in the fullest sense of the word, has a place here with us”.
The Garin National Service: the activities of the National Service volunteers at OMETZ Ariel is part of the Garin National Service volunteers that has been operating in the city for many years. The Garin is extremely active, demonstrating initiative. Within its confines, the volunteers integrate into activities in the community center, in the Jewish Renewal Department as well as other areas in the community. National service activity covers various populations including youth, elderly, new immigrants, etc.

Our vision:

Our vision at OMETZ Ariel is to strengthen the roots of Jewish identity in the capital of Samaria while bringing people closer. National Service volunteers dedicate a great deal of time formulating quality pieces that incorporate hands-on elements in training. The volunteers strive to establish a direct, personal relationship with the pupils while the branch constantly seeks to expand the scope of its activities.

Address: 18 Hazionut Street, Miklat 25,
Name: OMETZ Ariel
Phone: 073-3948525
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