Our staff: the staff at OMETZ Hadera is made up of a winning team of National Service volunteers, the coordinator-trainer and the director. Work is performed out of love and weekly sessions with over 1000 pupils.

  • Branch director, Malki Tzur 054-5684584
  • Facilitator – Trainer Coordinator – Rinat El

Our activities in Hadera:
Hadera is located on the coastal area in northern Sharon region, and is home to 90,000 residents, 20,000 of whom are children and adolescents. The city’s population is heterogeneous, and includes secular, religious, Orthodox Jewish, new immigrants, Israelis, veterans, young families, etc.

The OMETZ Hadera volunteers meet every week with over 1000 pupils. The branch in the city operates in schools, preschools and community centers. In addition to our continuous and consecutive activity with youth of Hadera, the branch works with the populations of the rural towns in the surrounding areas such as Kfar Haroeh, Kfar Piness, Maor, Pardess Hana-Karkur, Zikhron Yaakov, Or Akiva, etc. Branch activity includes presence during formal school hours alongside work throughout the year outside of school.

The OMETZ Hadera branch spearheads working in the community, with emphasis on the family. For example, the branch conducts joint activity throughout the year for parents and children as well as offers workshops and projects on family, relationships, parenting, etc. Once a month, the branch holds neighborhood activity in the community (happening centering around a new theme). These examples are only some of the activities conducted by OMETZ Hadera.
The Garin National Service volunteers – the OMETZ Hadera branch was born from the Garin Torani established by neighborhood residents who were graduates of Bnai Akiva movement. The Garin has been operating for over 10 years, and includes 60 families, in educational institutions, social services clubs.

Our vision:

Our vision at the OMETZ Hadera branch is to expand action in the community and among youth and children. To reach as many people as possible and to forge connections between the various populations in Hadera. The branch constantly strives to broaden and increase its activities, believing that the Torah and the Jewish soul beat as one.

Address: Haneviim 8, Givat Olga, Hadera
Name: OMETZ Hadera
Phone: 073-3948543
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