Welcome to the new OMETZ Educational Works website

29 March, 2017

Welcome to the new OMETZ Educational Works website. The Website was created to offer a glimpse into the association’s activities across the country. The website offers information about OMETZ, allowing viewers to learn about the diverse educational programs, to become familiar with the dozens of OMETZ branches located nationwide, to receive current updates on activities and news and of course to establish contact. The website includes galleries of OMETZ events as well as a schedule of activities for future events.

High school and ulpan graduates interested in performing meaningful National Service with OMETZ will find information and details on the new website. The website includes a dedicated area for National Service applicants seeking to provide an answer to (almost) every question. At the same time, public entities and educational institutions seeking to cooperate with OMETZ can read about the various options available to them on the website.

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