Tirat Carmel


Our Staff:
The Tirat Carmel OMETZ staff is composed of National Service volunteers and the director-facilitator-trainer coordinator. The work at the branch is based on cooperation, mutual support and professionalism.

Branch director – Shani Sror
Facilitator-Trainer Coordinator – Vered Shimon Ben Yisrael Coordinator

Our activity:

The OMETZ Tirat Carmel branch is active in three public elementary schools in the city. The girls work regularly with over 1200 pupils every year. The branch is also active in social services clubs, and aims to enter the preschools. In addition to the vast activity in educational institutions, the OMETZ Tirat Carmel branch continues to be present in other frameworks, such as community events including the lighting of the community menorah, Purim parties, Passover happening including baking of matzohs, Independence Day celebrations, etc.
The Garin – National Service volunteer who chooses to work at OMETZ Tirat Carmel will find not only extensive, challenging activity but also a family in the fullest sense of the word. The girls are part of an intensive Garin National Service and involved in community activity, in conjunction with the youth movements (Bnai Akiva, Oz), work with senior citizens (Vehadart), work with population with special needs, etc. The branch invests in the girls in terms of enrichment days, symposiums, lessons, fun days, etc.

Our vision:

The OMETZ Tirat Carmel branch aims to bring people in Israel closer together and to broaden and strengthen Jewish identity and Israeli heritage among children and adolescents in educational frameworks. The branch regularly seeks to expand its presence in the educational institutions, and become an integral part of the local community.

Address: Ariuel School, 24 Hakalaniyot, Tirat Carmel
Name: OMETZ Tirat Carmel
Phone: 073-3948554
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