Our staff:
our staff at the OMETZ Jaffa branc is composed of a large number of National Service volunteers, the facilitator – trainer coordinator, paid instructor and director.

  • Branch director – Rabbi Itai Kramer 0535539923
  • Training coordinator – Rinat Wodka 054-9098201
  • Maayan Kaufman – 054-2269510

Our activity:
Jaffa is a beautiful, ancient port city located adjacent to Tel-Aviv on the shore. The educational center in Jaffa operates under Garin Hevrati Jaffa, independently and in conjunction with the OMETZ association. National Service volunteers in the branch attend OMETZ training but enjoy tremendous freedom of action. The volunteers are present in elementary school, preschools and community centers.

The fact that Jaffa is a mixed, multicultural city makes the work of the National Service volunteers unique and challenging. The branch is active not only in Jaffa itself but also in Tel-Aviv, Holon and other areas.

The work in the Jaffa branch is extremely rich and intense. Focus is placed on work. National Service in OMETZ Jaffa is extremely satisfying. Parallel to the high demands of the staff, the branch also invests in the girls themselves, on a personal and professional level. For example, the girls undergo personal workshops throughout the year that develop them as individuals (financial management, styling, etc.) and professional workshops that provide useful, practical tools (training, storytelling, doll building, methodology, standing before an audience, etc.)

Garin National Service volunteers: 
National service volunteers at OMETZ Jaffa branch operate as a Garin National Service. In other words, the branch continues to work outside the educational institutions and is found in community centers, neighborhood youth centers, and various events in the community throughout the year.

Our vision:
our vision at the OMETZ Jaffa branch is to strengthen roots. We aim to expand work in as many areas as possible in Jaffa, in Tel-Aviv and in the surrounding areas to bring people closer together and to strengthen Jewish Identity in Israel.

Address: Tsahal 24, Jaffa
Name: OMETZ Jaffa
Phone: 073-3948560
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