Kfar Yonah

Our staff:
In the OMETZ Kfar Yonah branch, we created a quality, professional team of National Service volunteers who are closely overseen by two trainer coordinators and the director. The branch also employs a paid instructor.

  • Branch director – Ortal Yosifuv, 052-5456475
    Training coordinator – Naama Devilov 052-4465442

    Our activities – Kfar Yonah is a young, new city in Israel that was only recently defined as a city (following many years as a local council). Kfar Yonah has a population of approximately 25,000 that is young and largely secular (but there are national religious and Orthodox Jewish communities). The OMETZ Kfar Yona branch works with 1000 pupils and youth in elementary schools every week.
    The branch maintains an uncompromising level of professionalism with the quality, hands-on and enriching education system. In addition to the activities of the National Service volunteers in schools throughout the year, OMETZ is involved in education activities during vacations. For example, the branch accompanies children during summer vacation as part of summer camp and summer school.
    The Garin Messimati (Mission-oriented Community) – National Service volunteers active in the OMETZ Kfar Yonah branch can integrate at the same time in the Bnai Akiva’s Garin Messimati that is active in Netanya and the surrounding areas. In this framework, the girls work in challenging areas in the city, including with children and adolescents from the Ethiopian community in Netanya.

    Our vision: 
    The OMETZ Kfar Yonah branch began as a delegation of the OMETZ Netanya branch. The branch’s vision is to accumulate seniority and independence in order to provide a solution for all children and youth in the city. In order to achieve this mission, the branch is constantly working to expand its presence in the local population in order to establish a connection and bring people closer together.
Address: Shorashim Schoo, 13 Dov Gruner Street, Netanya
Name: OMETZ Kfar Yonah
Phone: 073-3948565
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