Bat Yam


Our staff:

The staff at the Bat Yam Center is composed of National Service volunteers, paid instructors, facilitator-coordinator of training and the director. In Bat Yam, we maintain a unified atmosphere and believe that there is no work like team work.

  • Branch director – Binyamin Malka, 052-8901239
    Training coordinator – Shiral Pendel – 052-5317042 (contact to coordinate activity)
    Facilitator – Or Malka – 052-8901239

Our activity in Bat Yam:

Located in central Israel, Bat Yam has a population of 130,000 residents, 20,000 of whom are pupils and adolescents. The city’s population is diverse, a reflection of Israeli society. The OMETZ Bat Yam branch operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Education with all public elementary schools in the city as well as preschools, junior high schools, community centers, clubs, afterschool programs, etc. We also participate in informal activity throughout the city and throughout the year.

The team of instructors at OMETZ Bat Yam, and particularly the National Service volunteers, is a select team of significant and admired figures in educational institutions and in the community. Alongside the regular activity with the secular sector, the OMETZ Bat Yam branch is warmly accepted by the national religious population in the city. The branch offers a response and works through volunteers in religious public schools and educational institutions as well.

Garin National Service volunteers – the Garin National Service volunteers in Bat Yam work for Bat Ami organization and Bnai Akiva. The Garin seeks to grow leadership from among the youth, and hosts extensive activity in the afternoon at a range of centers in the community. Some of the National Service volunteers at OMETZ are part of the Garin National Service of Bnai Akiva.

Garin Families – in Bat Yam, Garin Families, which was set up in 2013, in an effort to develop the city center (where it operates). The Garin currently includes 40 families and its activities center primarily around culture, education and welfare.

Our vision: 
The OMETZ Bat Yam branch set a goal to promote Jewish identity among various communities, to forge a connection in Israel and to bring people closer. Particularly in a diverse and fascinating city such as Bat Yam. The branch is constantly seeking to develop cooperation with the local authority and with educational institutions to launch and promote unique projects. We assign tremendous importance in working with instructors and the staff from the community. This work allows us to create a direct encounter between pupils and instructors even after school hours in the formal education system.

Address: 22 Nissenbaum Street Yigal Allon School – Bat Yam
Name: OMETZ Bat Yam
Phone: 077-9332215
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