Our staff:

The staff at the OMETZ Ashkelon Center is made up of National Service volunteers, paid instructors, a project manager, facilitator, educational facilitator and director. Our staff works on value-based, empowering, quality and diverse collaborations.

  • Branch director – Shimon Avergil – 0503292078
  • Facilitator – Training Coordinator – 054-3022181

Our activity in Ashkelon:

With its 150,000 residents, Ashkelon is a reflection of the Israeli mosaic. Religions alongside secular, Israelis with new immigrants, old and young families. The OMETZ Ashkelon branch is located in the city library’s media-tech facility, functioning as a leading educational center that operates to bring various populations in the city closer together by increasing the presence of Jewish identity inside and outside educational institutions.

Only 5 minutes distance from the magnificent shore, the OMETZ Ashkelon branch cooperates with the city’s Torah Culture Department. Thanks to you, the branch enjoys numerous benefits and direct access to events, lessons, educational institutions, social involvement, fairs, projects, etc.

OMETZ’s National Service volunteers in Ashkelon are active in the afterschool clubs and in elementary schools. The branchy constantly strives to expand into preschools, junior high schools and secondary schools. The branch is active in various informal frameworks such as community centers, camps, etc. The schools in which the branch is present welcomes the National Service volunteers of OMETZ and the connection with the community is a strong one. The children enjoy the lessons, love the volunteers and eagerly anticipate the next session.

Cooperation with the Torah Culture Department in the city allows OMETZ volunteers in Ashkelon to accumulate experience not only in instruction but also in supplementary aspects such as project production, participation in public endeavors and familiarity with city politics.
The Garin National Service volunteers– Garin National Service volunteers in Ashkelon is made up of volunteers of the OMETZ center and National Service volunteers of the association Aminadav. The Garin operates in conjunction with city projects by Society for Jewish Culture in Ashkelon and participates in independent projects throughout the year in community centers, the city library, with the Garin families in the community, etc. This is an active garin that initiates many activities outside educational institutions in order to expand the activity in the city and reach as many communities as possible.

Our vision:

Educational and ideological activity in the spirit of Jewish identity in a city such as Ashkelon is a challenging task. Asheklon is a large city with a diverse population. The OMETZ vision in the city is to expand, grow and influence. OMETZ volunteers are active not only in educational institutions and the branch but are present in as many focal points in the vibrant community in the city.

Address: The City Library Media Tech Ashkelon
Name: OMETZ Ashkelon
Phone: 073-3948530
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