Our staff:

Our professional staff in the OMETZ Carmiel branch is made up of National Service volunteers, paid instructors, director and training coordinator. At the branch, we work together to remain constantly active.

  • Branch director – Talia Stern. 052-3003197
    Facilitator – Training coordinator – Liat Peretz 052-657271

Our activities:
Carmiel is a city in northern Israel with a population of 50,000 residents, 13,500 of whom are children and adolescents. The city is located in the heart of the Galilee and is a main focal point on the highway leading from Acre to Safed. Carmiel is considered a large city in the region, serving not only its residents but also the residents of surrounding rural villages.

The OMETZ Carmiel branch works frequently with the various educational institutions in the city. The branch is active in all public elementary schools as well as junior high and high schools. The OMETZ Carmiel branch is also found in clubs as well as in informal frameworks such as community events (the Four species happening during Sukkoth, Chanukah in the local shopping center, etc.), cooperation with the Garin Torani, etc.

Service in OMETZ Carmiel is an opportunity for the National Service volunteers to be part of the family both in school and in the diverse community in the city. Alongside the extensive work, the branch, and its management, nurture the professional and personal aspects of these volunteers (enrichment days, fun days, lessons, personal handling, etc.)

Garin National Service Volunteers:
National Service volunteers in Carmiel are part of the Garin National Service volunteers in the city and are warmly accepted by the Garin families. National Service in OMETZ Carmiel is satisfying, challenging and fulfilling.

Our vision: the OMETZ branch in Carmiel strives to strengthen Jewish identity among the population of the city and the surrounding areas. Activity in the educational institutions allows us to reach many pupils throughout the year, and bring people closer together. The OMETZ Carmiel branch is constantly seeking to expand the scope of its activities and reach as many children and teens as possible.

Address: Amit Carmiel Schoo, 182 Derech Hashalom, Carmiel
Name: OMETZ Carmiel
Phone: 073-3948566
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