Our staff: 

Our staff at OMETZ Acre is a winning mix of National Service volunteers, facilitators – trainer coordinators and paid instructors. We work together and invest in teamwork to meet the projection.

  • Branch director -Esther Cohen
  • Trainor Coordinator – Maya Bar-Sinai

Our activities:
 “Asher drove not out the inhabitants of Acco, nor the inhabitants of Zidon” (Judges 1:31). Acre is an ancient port city that lies in northern Israel. In light of its centrality and importance to area residents, there are many who consider Acre the capital of the Western Galilee. Acre is home to a heterogeneous population of 50,000 residents, 30% of whom are children and adolescents. The city’s population reflects the mix of cultures and communities, including Israelis, new immigrants, young families, senior citizens, religious, Orthodox and secular Jews.

The OMETZ Acre branch largely operates in public schools in the city (elementary and junior high schools). The branch’s activities include work with Israeli born children and with new immigrants. National Service volunteers work around the clock for the local community, reaching 1000 pupils every year. In addition to the regular work in educational institutions, the OMETZ Acre branch remains a presence in other frameworks, such as special education, working with children with disabilities, specific work with new immigrants, etc.

National Service volunteers in OMETZ feel at home in Acre since the city has a sizeable but warm and accepting religious population. The city is also home to other activity centers such as Yeshivat Hesder and community centers whose cooperation provides the girls with tremendous added value. Acre is accessible by good public transportation and the city houses a train station that facilitates access to the entire country.

Garin National Service volunteers – the OMETZ volunteers in the Acre branch work in Garin Orot, the Garin National Service volunteers active in the city.

Our vision:
The OMETZ Acre branch aims to work ceaselessly to bring people closer together and to connect pupils to Jewish identity. Within the confines of this vision, the branch is constantly seeking to expand and increase the scope of its activity. At the same time, the branch invests a great deal in these girls to create the perfect setting for their National Service.

Address: 3 Rambam Street, Acre
Name: OMETZ Acre
Phone: 073-3948581
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