Our staff: 
The OMETZ Nazereth Ilit branch employs a talented, quality staff of National Service volunteers and a trainer-coordinator. We work together around the clock to improve and expand the branch’s activities.

Branch director – Kinneret Krispil 052-7203525

Our activities:
Nazereth Ilit is an important city in northern Israel with a population of 60,000 in the city and the surrounding areas. The city is a key focal point for the entire region and is home to a diversity of communities – Israelis and new immigrants, senior citizens and young people, students and families, religious, secular and Orthodox populations.

The OMETZ Nazereth Ilit branch operates with the schools and preschools. The girls enjoy quality school (Shirat Dvora) and work with children and adolescents in various frameworks in the afternoon. Such as, community centers, youth movements, clubs, Amidar family center, etc. in full conjunction with the Garin Torani-Zioni.

National Service volunteers of the OMETZ Nazareth Ilit branch are warmly received by the local community, and maintain personal ties with its residents. The work allows them to feel a real connection to the community and to balance work with a sense of mission.

The Garin Torani:
The  Garin Torani has been operating in Nazareth Ilit for over 10 years. In recent years, a renewed Garin Zioni was incorporated. National Service volunteers are part of the established and renewed Garin Messimati of Aminadav association in Nazereth Ilit. In this framework, they participate actively and intensively in the activities directly with the community, making the National Service at Nazareth Ilit a rich, fulfilling and challenging service.

Our vision:
The OMETZ Nazereth Ilit branch aims to bring people closer together and connect between worlds. In such a special and diverse city as Nazareth Ilit, this is a real national mission. For example, Nazereth Ilit is home to an extremely large population of new immigrants from the former Soviet Union. The branch helps these communities throughout their assimilation into Israeli society while also empowering the connection to Judaism and Israeli heritage.

Address: Shorashim Schoo, 13 Dov Gruner Street, Netanya
Name: OMETZ Netanya
Phone: 073-3948577
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