Mevasseret Zion


Our staff: our staff at OMETZ Mevasseret Zion is made up of National Service volunteers, and a training coordinator as well as paid instructors in accordance with the changing needs of the center. We always maintain high morale, challenging work and productive cooperation.

Adi Ilouz – Facilitator / Training Coordinator 054-7899328
Our activity in Mevasseret Zion:
Mevasseret Zion is a town on the outskirts of Jerusalem with a diverse population of 25,000. The town’s demographics includes religious, secular, Israeli-born, new immigrants, young families and senior citizens. The town is located on Highway 1 (Jerusalem-Tel-Aviv) and is easily accessible from anywhere in the country.
The OMETZ branch in Mevasseret Zion is active in various educational frameworks in the city, particularly in there public schools in the town and in certain cases, in the public religious school. Center girls who belong to the Garin National Service is extremely active outside the educational institutions and community centers, various activities in the community, clubs, youth movements, etc. The branch periodically organizes activities for children and adolescents of all ages.
The Mevasseret Zion branch is the first OMETZ branch and works closely with the association’s ‘nerve center’. Subsequently, the branch is frequently involved not only in the activities in Mevasseret Zion but also maintains a direct relationship with educational centers around the country. In addition to activity with the community, the OMETZ Mevasseret Zion branch dedicates a great deal to the girls themselves in the form of Torah lessons, encounters with special and interesting individuals, New Year party that are rich in content and luxuries to thank them for their hard work and contribution.
The Garin – National Service volunteers of OMETZ in Mevasseret Zion are part of the Garin National Service. The girls live together in the same apartment and work in the afternoon with the afterschool programs, clubs, senior citizen centers, children with special needs, etc. Garin volunteers are recognized, appreciated and beloved figures in the community and are warmly received.

Our vision:

The OMETZ Mevasseret Zion branch is the association’s first branch. In recent years, it has experienced a rebirth. The branch itself aims to operate in many areas in the community and reach as many populations as it can. At the same time, it is important to us to provide the girls with a real opportunity for National Service that is meaningful while also challenging and full of action.

Address: Netzach Israel 1, Mevasseret Zion
Name: OMETZ Mevasseret Zion
Phone: 073-3948570
Fax: 02-6537040
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