Kiryat Gat

Our staff:
The OMETZ Kiryat Gat staff is made up of a unified and quality team of National Service volunteers, the trainer coordinator and paid instructors. The staff works together in the belief that together is always better.

Center director – Maayan Cohen 052-3532812

Our activity:
Kiryat Gat is a city located in southern Israel with a population of 55,000, 33% of whom are children and adolescents. The exceptional mix reflects the Israeli mosaic at its best. New immigrants and Israelis, adults and young families, religious, secular and Orthodox Jews.

OMETZ Kiryat Gat works in various educational institutions in the city, including preschools, elementary schools and high schools. This broad presence encompasses Kiryat  Gat children of all ages, introducing OMETZ activity to over 1000 pupils per year. In addition to the extensive activity in educational institutions, National Service volunteers at OMETZ Kiryat Gat remain active in the community even after school hours. For example, in clubs, tutoring to adolescents in distress from disadvantaged populations, assistance to senior citizens, collection of food for needy families and other focal points in the local community.

The friendly Kiryat Gat population lovingly embraces the National Service volunteers at OMETZ, returning the affection. The volunteers are loved and admired figures in the public and the National Service is meaningful in the fullest sense of the word.

The Garin –in Kiryat Gat, a Garin National Services volunteers has been operating for many years, founded by the Bat Ami Association. This is one of the oldest and most diverse communities in the area. National Service volunteers at OMETZ Kiryat Gat work and there is cooperation between the morning and afternoon functions. In other words, an envelope that transforms the service at the OMETZ center in Kiryat Gat into an ideological, educational and enrichment experience.

Our vision: 
The OMETZ Kiryat Gat branch aims to expand its reach on Jewish identity among pupils and adolescents in the city. The branch is active in many educational institutions, from preschool to high school, and constantly seeks to increase and expand its activities, either in educational institutions or in various and diverse events in the community.

Address: 10 Gideon Ben Yoash (Learning Center) Kiryat Gat
Name: OMETZ Kiryat Gat
Phone: 073-3948585
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