The vision


OMETZ focuses on Jewish identity. It vision is to link various sectors in the Israeli population through a common Jewish identity while promoting values of meaningful work and bringing people together. In order to fulfill this vision, OMETZ works on Jewish Identity in government educational institutions and in their surrounding communities. OMETZ has two main purposes in education.

OMETZ operates centers across Israel that, in addition to their regular activity, strive to be an integral part of the local community by offering extensive, rich activity after regular school hours. These include presence in informal educational frameworks and special events. For example, community projects at commercial centers, events on Family Day, Good Deeds Day, Memorial Day for Israel’s Fallen Soldiers, providing assistance to the elderly, in playgrounds, in community centers, workshops for the entire family, to help celebrate Israeli holidays in a community atmosphere (lighting candles during Chanukah or lighting bonfires on Lag Ba’omer), etc.

National Service in OMETZ is a quality national service in education that focuses on Jewish identity in the government education system. This is an opportunity to serve the all sectors of Israeli society in an association that has been operating for over 20 years nationwide. From Acre and Carmiel in the north to Kiryat Gat and Ashkelon in the south. National Service in OMETZ means becoming involved in educational activity that emphasizes values of Jewish identity and bringing people together, creativity and connection to world of children and teens, in preschools, elementary schools, junior and senior high schools, clubs, afterschool clubs, etc.

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