Summer Preparatory Seminar

15 August, 2016

Between 15-18 August (11-14th of Av), a preparatory seminar will convene for National service applicants who are scheduled to serve in the ensuing year at OMETZ centers to strengthen Jewish identity.

The seminar will take place in the town of Shvut Rachel

National Service volunteers in OMETZ spearhead important endeavors, providing lessons and activities in preschools, elementary schools and community centers. The seminar aims to prepare the volunteers for their year of work with practical tools and ideology, and to expand the diverse disciplines of knowledge that will facilitate their work. The various discussions and workshops will include a session with professionals in the field, an introduction to work methods and unique techniques, in an interesting hands-on manner.

For example:

  • computer games worksho
  • Workshop on use of drama standing before the classroom
  • Workshop to prepare theater puppets, etc.
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