Meet and Greet Days

OMETZ participates in all Ministry of Education meet and greet days, during which you can become familiar with the OMETZ centers and meet the instructors, training coordinators and National Service members who are currently serving with the Association. This is the time to ask any question and receive answers from members of the staff that are behind the OMETZ operations. During the meet and greet days, we will help you find your National Service. Gain an impression of our national coverage and learn about the options for national Service at OMETZ centers as part of the core.


The meet and greet days will provide you with information about service with OMETZ across the country and explanation s about various places of service. During which, we record the information of potential candidates for relevant positions and then contact them with regards to registration and interviews. You will also receive form us an orderly, detailed brochure about OMETZ operations. In addition, these days are always an incredible and successful experience.


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