OMETZ Educational Activity is an educational association that has been operating for over 20 years and focuses on Jewish identity among preschoolers and pupils. The association has over 20 branches located nationwide and employs hundreds of instructors (National Service members, interns, students and paid instructors). OMETZ is a non-profit organization whose financial resources are based on donations and public budgets.



A donation to OMETZ is an opportunity to participate in this exceptional educational endeavor that constitutes a bridge between being Israeli and being Jewish. This donation translates into active participation in transforming Israeli society into a more unified, connected society. The spirit of OMETZ views the People of Israel as a broad spectrum whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts. 



The Association reaches hundreds of thousands of pupils in Israel every year, in the center of the country and in the periphery. OMETZ’s curriculum are meticulously written, with emphasis placed on hands-on features.

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