Admission process

As a future candidate OMETZ created for you an  individual admission process, which emphasizes duality and aspire  to create a real  synergy between  the human factor of educational activism . Through this process OMETZ striving to get to know it's candidates and observe their  suitability to the program.

Through the process you'll get to know OMETZ, both in the micro and macro level, by visiting the local branches, meeting with the current staff  members who  already participate in the program, visit schools, etc.
The admission process makes it possible for you to get to know the  people behind OMETZ's variety of activities, which makes it a lively place of education, vitality and values.
You will discover the various opportunities that the National Service at OMETZ can offer you,  regarding factors like location or the age of the childrens. By the end of the day, the main purpose is to allow the future candidate  to choose the right place for herself, where she'll be able to fulfill herself in the best way.



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