National Service in OMETZ

Bringing the People of Israel Together

National Service members in OMETZ are incorporated in the government education system in order to reinforce the interface between being Jewish and being Israeli. National Service in OMETZ is “a combat National Service” that affects the community. In order to create content in the term ‘mission’ and to provide meaningful service in the fullest sense of the word.

Being a significant figure in the community

National Service members in OMETZ become an integral part of the community. The girls participate in standard extracurricular activity and even initiate many events. In most OMETZ centers nationwide, one can be a member of the National Service and/or Midreshet Shiluv.

Toolbox for Life

OMETZ National Service members undergo training and acquire a toolbox that will serve them for the rest of their lives. The investment in these girls is tremendous, and covers areas such as standing before an audience (classroom), education of children and teens, preschool education, special education, professional training (in subjects such as music, art, movement, theater). The National Service members receive training and support by coordinators and professional instructors who have academic training in education.

Hands-on National Service

Simultaneous with the professional activity, the National Service members gain experience in social encounters, fascinating lectures, tours, study days, etc. They receive personal oversight and support throughout the process.

- Is this right for me?
- Looking for National Service in education?
- Do you want to serve with quality people from around the country?
- Interested in being part of the community?
- Looking to work to bring people together in Israel?

If so – your place is with us.

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