Education Programs

OMETZ offers a wide range of curricula for all ages, from preschool to high school. OMETZ incorporates syllabuses, programs and curricula that are regulated by the Ministry of Education and that were written by some of the top professionals in the field. The education programs of OMETZ are formulated with the target age in mind while perpetually striving to connect Jewish literature with the children’s’ world.

The main emphasis is placed on Jewish identity through hands-on methods. The lesson plans include activity, movies, computer games, plays, role playing games, tours, trips, frontal lessons, open discussions, creative workshops, music, movement, etc.

OMETZ Association implements an array of curricula that includes lesson plans and workshops that involve several sessions. The content focuses on a range of issues such as Israeli holidays, the Hebrew calendar, special days (such as Family Day or Traffic Safety Week), etc. At the same time, OMETZ has developed throughout the years a long series of plans based on the requirements of the educational institutions and public entities. The educational plans are regularly updated during the monthly sessions with the members of the Association staff.

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