About OMETZ – OMETZ Educational Activity is an association for Jewish identity that has been operating for 20 years. OMETZ operates active centers across the country, from the north to the south. The Association has spearheaded the concept of bringing people in Israel together while creating a balance between Jewish identity and Jewish literature, with communities in the government education system.

The instructors and guides in OMETZ operate in preschools, elementary schools, junior and senior high schools, clubs, afterschool clubs, etc. OMETZ offers a meaningful, quality National Service that seeks to promote values of action and bringing people together in Israel. Its activities are conducted during school hours and informal educational centers as well as during vacations.

OMETZ’s curricula track the interface between being Jewish and being Israeli while incorporating issues from Jewish literature with various issues from the world of children and teens. OMETZ’s curricula are written by an experience development team made up of experienced instructors and professionals, while connecting to the government education system under the auspices of the Ministry of Education.

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